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Amped Software solutions are used by the top law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide. The company focuses on developing global leading solutions for all image and video processing needs relating to forensics, investigations, public safety, and intelligence. With an emphasis on the transparency of the methodologies used, Amped solutions empower customers with the three main principles of the scientific method: accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.

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Empowering investigators, detectives, frontline officers, and first responders, to conduct a first level analysis of their video evidence.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Logo DVRConv Products

Automatic Video Conversion

DVRConv is the easiest way to convert unplayable video files. Videos from proprietary DVR/CCTV systems, dash cams, body worn cameras and any other video source, can now be converted automatically with no quality loss. Just drag, drop and you’re done.

Logo Authenticate Products

Photo Analysis and Tamper Detection

Authenticate is a photo analysis software for forensic image authentication and tamper detection. With a single tool, several tests can be performed to determine if an image has been manipulated as well as verify if a photo was taken from a specific device.

Logo Five Products

Image and Video Enhancement

FIVE is the most complete forensic software for enhancing and analyzing images and videos during investigations. A single tool to analyze crime scene photos, enhance surveillance and intelligence video and more, with a workflow compatible with forensic needs and constraints.

Logo Training Products

Expertise in Image and Video Analysis

Amped Software training courses provide hands-on training on the use of Amped Software products as well as provide insight into the challenges users face in forensic video and digital multimedia evidence processing. Our courses are delivered worldwide, in large groups or private sessions, by experienced trainers.

From the crime scene to the courtroom

Learn how Amped Software products can assist you with your investigations and improve your workflow efficiency, making it easy to analyze your evidence based on scientific methodologies. Easily convert unplayable files into playable video formats. Enhance blurred or dark videos and images. Ensure your photo evidence has not been tampered with and determine what specific device took the image.

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Dear friends welcome to this week’s tip! A question we get very often from our users is: which format should I choose to write my enhanced video/image once I’m done? We’re thus happy to introduce a mini-series of two tips on this subject! Today we’ll introduce the topic and discuss the case where your final […]

Join David Spreadborough from Amped Software at the Fourth National Digital Media Investigator’s Online Conference on Wednesday, November 18, from 12:40 pm – 1:10 pm (GMT) in our presentation entitled Understanding Video Evidence to learn why dealing with video in investigations is littered with challenges, many of which are hidden due to the evidence often […]

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