Amped FIVE
Forensic Video Enhancement Software

  • Load images and videos in any format
  • See license plates, faces and anything else better
  • Automatic generation of a detailed report with the scientific methodology used

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Today, I may have 25-30 cases to process. Tomorrow, I may have 25 more. With FIVE I can quickly determine, in a matter of minutes, which video evidence is usable and which is not. This way I can spend my time on the video evidence where I can get a result and not waste hours working on dead ends. Jim Hoerricks, Forensic Video / Image Analyst

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Amped FIVE
Video Enhancement

Amped FIVE is the most complete software for enhancing and analyzing images and videos during investigations. A single tool to analyze crime scene photos, enhance surveillance and intelligence video with a workflow compatible with forensic needs and constraints.

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Effective Photo Forensics

Authenticate is a photo analysis software for forensic image authentication and tamper identification. Several tools are available to determine whether an image can be trusted and thus accepted as evidence and verify if a photo has been taken from a specific device.

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Fast Video Triage

VideoScanner is a portable tool for quickly looking at the content of all videos on a hard drive subject to inspection during forensic investigations. You can save hours as VideoScanner will find for you all video files and extract image snapshots from them at user customizable intervals.

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