1. Fast. With Amped DVRConv, the process is simple and fast. You just drag, drop and you’re done. With a click of a button, previously unplayable files can now be viewed in just minutes.
  2. Easy to Use. It takes very little training to use Amped DVRConv. An investigator can easily hand off a USB key or multiple folders with unique video file types in them to untrained staff to convert.
  3. Powerful. Amped DVRConv is not a screen capture tool. It is a powerful drag and drop tool to perform straight conversion to create a proxy file from a proprietary original CCTV file to make it viewable by investigators and shared with prosecutors.
  4. Compatible. Amped DVRConv is the only product that converts over 80% of video formats you will find. And the reason why the number stays around 80% is because there are always manufacturers creating new DVRs and file formats. Amped DVRConv currently supports more than 250 different proprietary video formats from DVRs and CCTVs, in addition to dash cams, body worn cameras and many more formats, both proprietary and standard.
  5. Forensically Sound. Amped Software knows how important it is for our users to maintain an evidence trail and preserve original files, that is why Amped DRVConv not only produces a playable proxy file, but also preserves the original and creates a report detailing the conversion process.
  6. Top Level Customer Support. For the files that Amped DVRConv can’t yet convert, users can upload videos to our server so our programming team can try to decode them and add support for their formats in the next software release. Normally, we are able to provide feedback on the feasibility of the conversion within one working day. Users must have an active SMS plan to benefit from this service.
  7. Network Capable. The Input / Output folders can be located on a local PC or on a network share.
  8. Flexible and Affordable. Since Amped DVRConv is a standalone solution compatible with standard PCs (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 32 bit and 64 bit versions), the time and cost to deploy are minimal. As hardware standards change quickly, Amped DVRConv does not bind users to a platform that will soon be obsolete or cannot be upgraded without major expense (if at all). Amped DVRConv shows a clear advantage over competitors in cost effectiveness in a budget analysis based on total cost of ownership as well as return on investment.

Given the amount of time spent making sense of valuable evidence by staff at all levels, including a copy of Amped DVRConv at every entry point for digital CCTV evidence files saves valuable time and protects your infrastructure.