Designed by forensic professionals for forensic professionals

Our team has worked with image and video evidence on numerous cases for law enforcement, courts, lawyers, private investigators and Public Prosecutors. With this experience, we designed Amped FIVE to work reliably in the widest range of situations. In fact, thanks to its intuitive interface, it is not only used by specialists working in national law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide, but also local police, municipalities, court experts and private companies working in surveillance and forensics.

Amped FIVE for law enforcement and video surveillance

The most common application for law enforcement is to use FIVE to improve a surveillance video output from CCTV in order to better see a face, a license plate, or anything that can be useful for investigations. Amped FIVE offers many intuitive tools to enhance and clarify video and images; plus document scientific methodology used to get the results.

Amped FIVE for court experts

You need to improve your video or images and use the result as evidence. You can do it because Amped FIVE allows you to automatically and completely document the employed filters from a scientific point of view.

Amped FIVE for military and intelligence agencies

Whether you need to stabilize a full motion video surveillance feed in hostile territories, or enhance surveillance images through fog and sandstorms, Amped FIVE is the solution. Amped FIVE can be installed on any standard PC, so it can be deployed quickly in any environment.

Amped FIVE for crime scene photos

FIVE has the right tools to take measurements on the pictures taken from the crime scene or to see them better. FIVE offers the crime scene investigator a complete set of tools in one easy application.

Amped FIVE for biometrics

Amped FIVE can help you to improve fingerprint image quality and measure height of subjects from images. FIVE offers one solution to solve a multitude of problems.

Amped FIVE for research

Amped FIVE is used in several universities and research institutes as a simple and fast way to enhance images and video with its wide selection of filters. Amped FIVE is also part of the curricula at the best European courses where the next generation of forensic investigators is trained.

Amped FIVE for banks and critical infrastructures

The video enhancement capabilities of Amped FIVE, together with its ease of use, make it a perfect fit for all situations where it's needed to improve the quality of surveillance cameras. Videos coming from Milestone surveillance server can be processed both from live feed or from the archive on the server. The compatibility with other systems is guaranteed by the support of live Direct Show device capture and the integrated converter for many DVR formats.

Amped FIVE for media outlets

Nowadays media and television networks are using footage coming from improvised reporters; the latest news is often captured by an average Joe with his mobile phone. These usually blurry, shaky and low quality videos, can vastly benefit by the improvement offered by Amped FIVE.