Amped Software image and video forensics


Who's the real end user?

It's not enough to install - and in the correct places - CCTV; you need to know what to do with the footage you gather. For one thing, as Dave Spreadbourough pointed out to Professional Security, often the real end user of the CCTV - someone investigating a crime or other incident - is using footage from cameras that were fitted for a different purpose.


Ex-officer says imaging software can help growing 'question' of authenticity

Amped Software tells Police Oracle how Amped Authenticate, which can be automated to run thousands of images, is designed to help law enforcement underpin the veracity of images submitted to them externally, allowing officers to apply the appropriate level of 'weight' to evidence.


Interview with David Spreadborough, International Trainer, Amped Software

Forensic Focus has a chat with Amped to discuss the importance of image authentication and how Amped Authenticate helps you identify signs of manipulation in images.


Unscrambling Pixels: Forensic Science Is Not Forensic Fiction

Martino Jerian explains why many algorithms, including Google’s new AI system, are not suitable for forensic use on images and videos and although there have been major improvements in technologies, deep learning, and image processing, just because something looks good, it does not mean it is good.


CSI effect

David Spreadborough, Amped’s international trainer and forensic video analyst, outlines how the role of a forensic video analyst is a little more than just special Hollywood effects.


Challenges, opportunities and synergies – a chat with Martino Jerian, Founder and Ceo of Amped Software

Griffeye has a chat with Martino to discuss what needs Amped Software fills in the market, what direction the company will be taking in the next couple of years, and how the partnership with Griffeye benefits the forensic community.


The Complete Workflow of Forensic Image and Video Analysis

Forensic video analysis is not only simply copying and looking at files. The complete workflow is broad and complex and there are many steps that are commonly missed and rarely taken into account.


Cluj Police Can Identify Criminals Caught on Camera Easier with Amped Software

Cluj County Police Inspectorate (IPJ) presented Amped FIVE at Cluj Napoca City Hall, after Mayor Emil Boc said the software has made processing images from surveillance cameras and identifying criminals or license plates, easier and faster in Romania.


Can You Get That License Plate?

When analyzing surveillance videos we can either solve the problem very quickly or understand (even quicker) that there is no information to recover from the video. The article describes some tests that can be done to quickly tell if you can get that license plate.


Image Conscious

Darlene Batista Alvar from Amped Software looks at the growing world of digital multimedia evidence and the challenges investigators face in gathering the evidence.


Interview with Martino Jerian, Founder and CEO, Amped Software

Scar de Courcier catches up with Martino to find out what lead him to found the company, what are the main forensic challenges surrounding image validation and what the future holds for Amped Software.