Authenticate Training Course

Photo analysis and tampering detection

Learn how to use Amped Authenticate and investigate the integrity and authenticity of digital images and videos.

The course combines lectures and hands-on activities. It begins with the introduction to integrity and authenticity, followed by an explanation of the image generation pipeline and how artifacts are introduced during the creation and manipulation of images. The course then demonstrates how Amped Authenticate uses these artifacts to reveal the processing history of images and videos and how to extract information on integrity, authenticity and source device.

  • digital forensic experts
  • users in need to use Amped Authenticate for their investigations
  • make the most of newly released filters and less known features of Amped Authenticate
  • acquire the fundamentals of image and video generation and compression
  • investigate the integrity and the authenticity of digital images and videos through metadata and pixel analysis
  • carry out source device identification
  • use OSINT sources to aid the analysis
  • follow a forensically sound workflow for unveiling the processing history of media (integrity, provenance, authenticity)
  • generate compelling, forensically sound and scientific reports

  • basic proficiency with Microsoft Windows
  • good English reading and listening skills
  • preferred: basic notions about image processing (see the "pre-read" material provided before the course); basic knowledge about files/filesystem


Available in one format

  • In-Person
  • Live Online

Course duration

  • 3 full days (In-Person training)
  • 5 half days (Live Online training)

Available languages

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Course level

  • Intermediate
  • Expert

Training certificate

  • Attendance certificate