The most complete image and video forensics software

  • Load images, videos, and hundreds of proprietary CCTV/DVR formats
  • Analyze and interpret file data and structure
  • Restore and enhance to clarify license plates, objects, and faces
  • Create video presentations with annotations and audio/video redaction
  • Generate automatically a detailed scientific report


  • 4 seats of Amped FIVE
  • 2 seats of Amped FIVE Live Online Training

What is Amped FIVE?

Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video forensics software, acclaimed for its reliability and workflow efficiency. Amped FIVE was designed to answer the need in providing solid, scientific-based forensic image and video enhancement for worldwide legal systems. Image and video analysts worldwide have contributed to the development of the software used today, ensuring all aspects of the investigation process can be completed within a single application. Developed specifically for forensics, public safety and national security, this all-in-one solution has more than 140 filters and tools, to convert, process, enhance, analyze, present and document images and videos.

It supports any type of image and video data retrieved from various multimedia sources (including audio streams) from CCTV and DVR systems, body worn cameras, dash cameras, drones, mobile phones, fingerprints, documents, and much more. Support for hundreds of proprietary video file formats is continuously updated according to end user requests.

FIVE Overview 2

With a logical and nondestructive workflow, Amped FIVE has the ability to stabilize shaky videos, correct blurred details or adjust noise and lighting issues. It also offers specialized features such as super resolution, redaction, photogrammetry, optical distortion and aspect ratio correction, perspective correction and alignment in multiple frames.

Amped FIVE meets the needs of judicial systems worldwide, by using scientifically validated algorithms, and producing a report with all the processing steps, settings, and algorithms used in the analysis. It validates the reliability of the digital evidence in order to be admissible in court.

Amped FIVE is used by forensic labs, law enforcement, government, military, and security organizations worldwide. Municipalities, court experts and private companies working in the forensic and investigative fields also benefit from this solution.

Why Amped FIVE?

Digital videos and images have become a crucial source of evidence in criminal cases. However, many times they are not used to their full potential due to format issues, quality, resolution, or other problems. Amped FIVE gives users the ability to enhance and reveal hidden information within video and image evidence, such as correcting the motion blur effect on an individual’s face or enhancing a license plate to reveal previously unidentifiable characters.

Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video analysis software for managing the entire workflow, from conversion, to analysis, enhancement, redaction or spotlight, and report generation. With its workflow and documentation, it guarantees a scientific process that is accurate, repeatable and reproducible.

Customer technical support is a priority for Amped Software. We are in continuous contact with our users to provide them with improvements, new features and support for additional video formats to ensure Amped FIVE always meets their ever-changing needs.

It is the only software of its kind that automatically generates a report containing every filter used, the detailed explanation, the settings, and (when applicable) the peer-reviewed scientific source for the filter. This reporting feature is extremely valuable to validate the integrity of the digital evidence in order to be admissible in court.

FIVE Overview 3


Amped FIVE is a single solution and does not require additional plug-ins, third-party software or special hardware. This means there is just one platform to learn, maintain and deploy on hardware you already own.


Amped FIVE provides more than 140 filters and tools, to analyze, restore, and enhance digital images and videos. Specialized features include redaction, photogrammetry, stabilization, perspective correction, object tracking, deblurring, motion detection etc.


Amped FIVE works with any type of image and video data and supports any image and video format, with automatic conversion of the majority of proprietary formats typically used in video surveillance. The software has a built-in tool to convert or capture video from proprietary DVR formats quickly and easily.


Amped FIVE has been internally validated by many government agencies worldwide, and has been used and accepted in courts at every level. Customer feedback is continually monitored with the aim of improving the usability of Amped FIVE in ISO accredited labs. We apply strict due diligence on the applicability of the algorithms for the forensic environment.


Amped FIVE guarantees accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility. It automatically generates a report, customizable by the user, detailing all of the processing steps, settings and algorithms, with their scientific reference, which is essential to present in court.


Works on a laptop in the field as easily as on a desktop in the lab. Amped FIVE is compatible with standard PCs (Windows 7/8/10, 32 bit and 64 bit versions), and the installation and activation process is quick and easy.


Amped FIVE is powerful, intuitive and reliable... I've used Amped FIVE to process over 1000 video cases since I was first introduced to it in 2012. I'm continually amazed to discover how easily it handles almost even the most challenging proprietary video formats. [...] It’s the best video processing tool I use and a must for any investigator who relies on video evidence. Detective Sergeant Blaine Davison, CFVT, Norman Oklahoma Police Department, USA