Automatic CCTV/DVR converter

Easily convert in batch unplayable video files in proprietary CCTV/DVR formats, dash cams, body worn cameras, and more.

A user-friendly interface to batch convert video files and make them playable in seconds or minutes.

Support videos from the majority of proprietary CCTV/DVR formats and other sources without quality loss.

Quickly set the conversion method, the output codec, format, and advanced workflow settings.

Produces a playable proxy file, preserving the original, and creating a report detailing the conversion process.

Batch convert unplayable videos

Just drag, drop and you’re done!

Videos from proprietary DVR systems (Digital Video Recorders), CCTV systems (Closed Circuit Television), dash cams, body-worn cameras and any other video source, can now be batch converted with just one click, all within a user-friendly interface. Simply drag videos in batch into a specified folder or directly into the program interface and watch as they automatically convert to a user-configurable format.

Save crucial time during investigations

Reduce time spent in procuring proprietary players and playing back problematic videos by batch converting them into a compatible and quality-preserving format with Amped DVRConv

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Amped DVRConv is a software tool used by video technicians, forensic investigators, law enforcement agencies, and other professionals who work with digital video evidence. 

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Automates and speeds up the conversion of hundreds of videos

Users can rest assured that the videos are converted in a forensically sound manner, using the technology of the Amped Engine. This technology preserves the original stream and separates standard encoding information from proprietary metadata to avoid errors and lost frames during playback.


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  • 1 seat of Amped DVRConv
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