The Amped Ecosystem for Forensic Image and Video Analysis

Learn about the full line of solutions that have been developed to assist an entire organization with all investigations, starting from the field, up to the forensic lab, and then to the courtroom.

Amped Replay Logo

For investigators, frontline officers, first responders, security personnel and CCTV operators to conduct a quick first level analysis of their video, with easy conversion, quick corrections, redaction and annotation functions.

Amped DVRConv Logo

For technicians tasked with converting a great number of surveillance videos in various proprietary formats, speeding up the triage in cases such as major investigations.

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For forensic lab experts to manage the complete image and video analysis workflow, with advanced and fully customizable processes for conversion, restoration, enhancement, measurement, presentation, and reporting, all in a single tool.

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For digital forensic experts to exploit the data behind digital images. Allowing analysis of image integrity, authenticity, metadata, source and history, and detection of tampering prior to its use as intelligence and evidence.


  • 1 seat of Amped FIVE
  • 1 seat of Amped Authenticate
  • 1 seat of Amped DVRConv
  • 5 seats of Amped Replay
  • 1 seat of Investigating Video Evidence Live Online Training
  • 1 seat of Amped FIVE Live Online Training
  • 1 seat of Amped Authenticate Live Online Training


Feature Amped Replay Amped DVRConv Amped FIVE Amped Authenticate
Main tasks Video triage and quick processing Batch CCTV/DVR conversion Full image and video analysis and enhancement Photo tampering detection and camera identification
Ideal for Investigators, frontline officers, CCTV operators Technicians Forensic video analysts, national security Digital forensic experts, national security
Support for multimedia files Images and videos Videos only Images and videos Images only
Non-destructive workflow, with forensic report or log
Continuous support for most proprietary CCTV/DVR video formats
Automatic batch processing with customizable workflow
Combine multiple videos into a single file
Integrated viewer and/or player
Image and video redaction and annotation
Create high quality stills and video clips for analysis or release
Basic processing functions
Advanced image and video enhancement
Measurement functions
Specific functions for crime scene photos, fingerprints and other evidential imagery
Create exhibits for comparison or court
File format and metadata analysis
Image authentication and tampering detection
Source camera identification
Approximate number of filters and tools 20+ 5+ 140+ 40+

FIVE was critical in my being able to "see through the dark" and establish the movements of the first of two suspects, which inevitably helped us determine how the second suspect became involved. It’s so rewarding and exciting to get positive results! Amped FIVE makes my job so much easier; I especially appreciate the way FIVE includes in my reports all of the processes I’ve saved. Meg Warm, CFVT, Leelanau County Prosecutor's Office, USA