FIVE Training Course

Forensic image and video enhancement training courses

Learn the basics of the image and video generation model and how to use Amped FIVE for processing and enhancement, with a focus on surveillance footage.

The course combines lectures and hands-on activities with many practical exercises to solve cases using Amped FIVE. As well as showing how to use the software, we will cover the basics of image and video generation, processing and enhancement with focus on surveillance footage. We will also discuss the most common pitfalls that users may encounter in their casework.

  • forensic video analysts
  • technicians
  • examiners
  • Understand the basics of image and video processing
  • Identify where and why compression artifacts are introduced during the creation of digital multimedia evidence
  • Solve the most common issues using over 140 enhancement, restoration and analysis filters and tools
  • Interrogate the media and analyze the available information (for image comparison, height analysis, timing analysis, etc.)
  • Decode and/or convert proprietary video in a forensically sound manner
  • Get the most out of poorly presented detail (license plates, faces etc.)
  • Design a forensically sound workflow and report all achieved results according to scientific and judiciary requirements
  • basic proficiency with Microsoft Windows
  • good English reading and listening skills
  • preferred: basic notions about image processing (see the "pre-read" material provided before the course); basic knowledge about files/filesystem

Available training formats

  • In-Person
  • Live Online

Course duration

  • 4 full days (In-Person training)
  • 5 half days (Live Online training)

Available languages

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Course level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Training certificate

  • Attendance certificate