What the experts say

Amped FIVE has been the main tool in my video forensic toolbox since 2015 when I first started using FIVE. It is an easy and intuitive GUI based, yet powerful processing tool which has assisted me in over 200 investigations to date. The reporting, logging and reproduction (step by step) functionality in Amped FIVE is clear and extremely useful for presentation to management, clients and, of course, in court. Since 2019 I am teaching at the Police Academy in the Netherlands and still use Amped FIVE in my lessons to “spread the word”. The Amped software support team is extremely eager to hear from us, users in the field, and further develop and implement new options into FIVE to make the suite even better, considering LEA requirements both in the field and in ISO accredited laboratories.

I would like to thank everyone at Amped for the great customer support. Every time I ask for support, the reply is very quick and the answers are very helpful. Support hasn't always been able to help me solve the case, but I always receive thorough answers. Instead of just writing "no it can't be done", I get a long reply with a detailed explanation. The videos that you publish on YouTube are also very helpful. Also, we recently had a case involving sexual child abuse over the internet. We had 82 frames of blurred text from a chat window that Amped FIVE managed to make readable. Those 82 frames became key evidence during the trial.

I am a Forensics Examiner in Cyprus Police Criminalistic Services. I use Amped FIVE on a daily basis and honestly, I cannot imagine myself working without it! Really awesome software, great workflow, great filters, plays and converts everything, great tools for analysis and most importantly the report is the most useful tool for the court!

FIVE was critical in my being able to "see through the dark" and establish the movements of the first of two suspects, which inevitably helped us determine how the second suspect became involved. It’s so rewarding and exciting to get positive results! Amped FIVE makes my job so much easier; I especially appreciate the way FIVE includes in my reports all of the processes I’ve saved.

Amped FIVE is powerful, intuitive and reliable... I've used Amped FIVE to process over 1000 video cases since I was first introduced to it in 2012. I'm continually amazed to discover how easily it handles almost even the most challenging proprietary video formats. Amped FIVE has helped me develop an efficient and speedy workflow to triage digital images and video and get processed evidence to other investigators when they need it fast! The new Assistant feature is intuitive and helps walk the beginning user through a reliable forensic analysis workflow that withstands challenges in the courtroom. It also helps the trained forensic analyst develop their own automated workflow customized to their specific needs. The reporting functionality in Amped FIVE documents every step and setting at the click of a button. It’s the best video processing tool I use and a must for any investigator who relies on video evidence.

We have two licenses for Amped FIVE and found that it has dramatically sped up our workflow. A project that might have taken 2-3 hours with standard video editing software can be done in minutes. We use it for everything from quickly redacting video for public disclosure requests to getting tricky video to play (and creating a playable derivative for detectives) to extracting still images for bulletins. Of course, it does so much more than that. Money can be tight in government. We’ve found that Amped FIVE is the best bang for the buck for video forensic work.

Amped FIVE has brought the key clarification tools for both video and still images into a single package that is both fast and impressive. Whether one needs to deblur a single image or stabilize a video, it can all be done with the same application. The interface is different, but very intuitive, enabling users to be up and running in a very short time. Although I have many tools in my image processing toolbox, I have added FIVE and am using it often.

I'm an Amped FIVE fan. It's the first forensic tool I go to when I get a new case.

As the director of the Laboratory of Video Documentation of the Italian Scientific Police, every day I work with images coming from video surveillance systems from all of Italy. Our main need is to enhance and analyze video is to use recorded content for evidence in court; but unfortunately, the original image is often too low in quality or has too many defects to be used as it is. For several years now, we are using the software AMPED FIVE; which has proven that in the vast majority of cases, allowed us to get results useful for the further usage in the courtroom. I can express great satisfaction with this software, especially in relation to its versatility, which guarantees to give the user all the functions needed to get the best results.

Throw it into Amped and you're done in FIVE. It's nice to finally have a robust, standalone piece of software designed with one sole purpose in mind by people who understand what we do: Forensic video analysis.
I was blown away by how powerful and effective this software is at both ingesting different video formats and enhancing video. Enhancements I never thought possible are now possible. I have a lot of cold cases to go back and look at...
That was some of the best training I have ever received. The examples were real life cases and very relatable. The instruction was done in a clear and concise manner, and I now feel confident in my understanding of how the software works and explaining my processes in court.

I never miss an opportunity to attend an Amped FIVE instruction with Spready. With the continual evolution of the product you can't help but be impressed by Amped FIVE's capabilities and support.

The wide range of advanced features (filters, measuring tool, and so on) and the forensic oriented utilities (hash code calculation, automatic report generation...) is why we chose AMPED FIVE as an integral part of our curricula for students of the Computer Forensics course of the University of Catania (Italy). Our program provides students with the possibility to test the potential of the software on real and simulated cases; which has proven valuable in training the forensic scientists of the future.

We have been using FIVE for about two years. There is a wide range of functions and filters in one single software package and it's very easy to work with them. I have saved a lot of time in cases when I had to convert images to video that can be done only by "drag and drop" function. I also have very positive experience about technical support and suggestions from the “FIVE experts" (Amped company), which is very important in urgent situations.

I think that it is perfect software for the investigation of questioned material in several aspects - first of all it expands the possibilities of image examination, especially performing work with a sequence of images. But it should be mentioned that there is no limits for the further development!

In relation to my activity with the Judiciary Police and the very important cooperation with the Local Police who are exploiting urban video surveillance; nowadays an indispensable tool for investigations, we strongly needed software that allows us to use filters to enhance the images. After several evaluations of other products available on the market, our agency opted to purchase AMPED FIVE. This step has allowed us to use this software to make clear images and/or details that led to solving several cases and the prosecution of the perpetrators. AMPED FIVE is very useful also for simple operations, like converting videos or frames and extract snapshots when not allowed by original players. The wide selection of features and the many different applications allows us to get details impossible to see in first instance; I'm completely satisfied by the product, that I've been using daily now for a few years. Congratulations to AMPED for the work done.

Times are changing here at Engine Ears. Originally providing Forensic Audio services to Norwegian law enforcement, lawyers and private customers , we have increasingly been approached by these clients to assist with Video Forensic examination too. We have spent a long time evaluating Forensic Video Software, looking for a combination of powerful tools, ease of use, flexible workflow and most importantly documentation of process. Amped FIVE has a clear GUI, making experimentation fast, comprehensible and most of all repeatable. The continuous development has also brought us many new tools and filters. Amped FIVE has aided us to give quick and accurate answers in high pressure cases as to whether enhancement may work or not. Topped off with fantastic service and support from the main brains at Amped FIVE, you are on to a winner.

We've been using Amped FIVE for more than a year now. We all know that good results are not always achievable given initial recording conditions. Amped FIVE is always successful when allowing experts to know if something can be done without spending to much time on a case. If something can be done, then Amped FIVE gives accurate results efficiently. Major pros are the crystal clear workflow and the highly responsive team behind the product. Another pretty useful feature is the recording of the processing chain, including technical references. This definitely is a killer-feature when considering ISO17025 standard requirements.

After just a few weeks of usage the results began to appear. Amped FIVE is a software that fits like a glove in the hands of investigators. Most of the offenses are captured by the CCTV cameras, so that the gathering of evidence will be closely linked to the video footage. The software provides a user-friendly interface and high quality filters that improve image rendering. It is to be mentioned that it integrates videos captured by Milestone platforms, which leads to avoid the loss of quality. One of the big pluses of Amped FIVE is that at the end of the work, it generates a report with the followed steps, the filters applied and scientific papers on which it was made.

What if a street cop, investigator or crime scene investigator could run to the station or to their laptop in the car, plug a USB drive or CD into a department Windows PC based computer and evaluate video evidence to see if it’s viable for enhancement and even enhance the video right on the spot? Now, that's what you'd call a real investigative tool. It would be instant gratification to be able to pull out a face obscured by shadows and say, "Hey, that's little Aloysius Farnsworth MacGillacutty, that little slime-ball hangs out over on Rose and Spruce. Let's go snatch him up and ruin his day."
If your department has Amped FIVE Software available, you just might be able to do exactly that.