Amped FIVE

Training Module

Measurements and Speed Estimation

Learn how to perform measurement, photogrammetry and speed analysis for collision investigations with Amped FIVE.

This is an intermediate-to-expert-level course designed for users who need to perform measurement, photogrammetry and speed analysis for collision investigations. This module focuses on the use of measurement filters (Measure 1D, Measure 2D and Measure 3D) and speed analysis tools. The course combines informative lectures with hands-on practical exercises to resolve real or simulated cases using Amped FIVE.

  • Understanding Timing and Timestamps: definitions, management, and adjustment
  • Reviewing Amped FIVE's measurement filters in a variety of challenging situations
  • Validating the Speed Estimation 2D filter
  • Analyzing Presentation Time Stamps from the video file using the Frame Analysis tool
  • Assessing the authenticity of videos by performing Macroblocks Analysis
  • Producing forensic reports and data-driven exports 
  • Understand how to use Single View Metrology to estimate measurements in surveillance footage
  • Learn to use known measurements in your workflow to obtain unknown measurements
  • Learn how to interpret timing data and variable frame rates when performing a speed assessment
  • Understand how distance and timing uncertainties are calculated when performing a speed assessment
  • Learn how to export the data in FIVE and/or to other analytical applications to illustrate measurement patterns and inconsistencies
  • Gain greater knowledge of Amped FIVE 

  • basic proficiency with Microsoft Windows
  • good English reading and listening skills
  • having attended Amped FIVE training
  • good understanding of Amped FIVE and forensic video analysis fundamentals  

Available training formats

  • In-Person
  • Live Online 

Available languages

  • English
  • Italian

Training certificate

  • Attendance certificate