Amped FIVE

Training Module

Video Evidence Presentation

Learn how to present your video evidence in court while still maintaining a sound forensic procedure with Amped FIVE

This module is designed for users seeking to learn how to present video evidence in court. This module focuses on annotations, redactions, and presentations with Amped FIVE while maintaining a forensically sound and solid workflow. Students will acquire the skills needed to present video and imagery exhibits with utmost efficiency. The course will be highly interactive, featuring hands-on practical exercises that showcase real or simulated cases.

  • Annotation and redaction
  • Video preparation and exporting
  • Combining multiple clips into a single video (eg. timeline or multi-camera views)
  • Generating presentation exhibits to assist the trier of fact 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to bring your evidence "from the crime scene to the courtroom"
  • Learn how to produce illustrative and comparison exhibits within FIVE
  • Combine multiple video clips from different sources or cameras for demonstrative purposes, suitable for court or the public domain
  • Redact audio and video for public release
  • Gain greater knowledge of Amped FIVE 
  • basic proficiency with Microsoft Windows
  • good English reading and listening skills
  • having attended Amped FIVE training
  • good understanding of Amped FIVE and forensic video analysis fundamentals  

Available training formats

  • In-Person
  • Live Online 

Available languages

  • English
  • Italian

Training certificate

  • Attendance certificate