Video Evidence Principles

A set of essential concepts and principles to support policymakers, law enforcement organizations, judges, and legal system stakeholders, in the proper use of image and video evidence for public safety and criminal justice purposes.

On May 24th, 2023, Martino Jerian, CEO and Founder of Amped Software, organized a roundtable at the European Parliament to introduce "Essential Concepts and Principles for the Use of Video Evidence for Public Safety and Criminal Justice".

This document offers guidelines for stakeholders within public safety organizations and the criminal justice system. It underscores the importance of handling video evidence correctly to prevent miscarriages of justice and improve investigation outcomes, ensuring fair trials while promoting a more secure public environment.

Video evidence principles

The principles cover awareness, originality, authentication, transparent processing, proper training with appropriate tools, and scientifically valid methodologies to maintain evidence reliability in legal contexts. Additionally, it addresses challenges like misinterpretation and manipulation risks inherent in video formats including deepfakes.

Click below to download the full document and learn more about Martino’s presentation at the EU Parliament.